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The VCCF Nonprofit Center

The VCCF Nonprofit Center is located at
4001 Mission Oaks Blvd. in Camarillo, near the Flynn Road and Dawson Drive interchanges of Highway 101.  See Map >

The VCCF Nonprofit Center was founded on these measurable outcomes that support our core mission and priorities.

25% - 30 % decrease in operating costs for tenants: In the first five years of operation tenants in the VCCF Nonprofit Center will see a decrease in their operating costs due to a 25% decrease in Class A market rate and shared services resulting in economies of scale.

Free space for community meetings and gatherings in a central location Through support from the VCCF and United Way Ventura County, the Community Room and Board Room are offered to any nonprofit free of charge during business hours. Nearly 100 unduplicated community organizations have taken advantage of this, many several times a year.

Deeply-subsidized space for 3-7 grassroots nonprofit organizations to transition into more stable business models: The VCCF Grassroots Office Space provides a further 33% discount in rent (in addition to the already discounted 25%) to qualifying organizations so they may move out of their kitchens and into a professional environment.

Expanded space to deepen programming for nonprofits: The CNL is focusing on new pilot programs designed to deepen the curricular and faculty expertise: one to assist organizations committed to transformational change and one developing strategies to help nonprofits engage a younger generation.

Intentional development of community among the tenants: As the tenants work together under a shared roof, they strengthen each other’s ability to solve problems and explore solutions. The energy in the VCCF Nonprofit Center emerges from working in close quarters with other organizations, many addressing different symptoms of the same problem.

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