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2015 State of the Region Report

The Ventura County Civic Alliance (VCCA) publishes the State of the Region Report which provides current data on 12 Quality of Life Indicators.

The State of the Region Report provides a unique perspective on Ventura County with its independently researched and interpreted data that accurately reflects the Quality of Life in Ventura County.

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2015 State of the Region Report: Release Event & Community Briefing

Join us! Network with Ventura County business and community leaders, hear highlights and insightful analysis from the 2015 State of the Region Report, and enjoy a panel discussion with prominent community leaders.

About the Ventura County Civic Alliance

Promoting a healthy and sustainable future for the Ventura County region

Founded in 2001 as an initiative of the Ventura County Community Foundation, the Ventura County Civic Alliance is a coalition of civic leaders with a shared commitment to the three Es — the Economic, Environmental and social Equity interests of our region. This balance ensures that our research and community dialogue is embedded with a broad and diverse set of perspectives and priorities.

The Civic Alliance focuses in these areas:

  • The Livable Communities Initiative works with local governments and civic groups to increase understanding and support for integrating livable community principles into development decisions, and to showcase how those principles are being used throughout Ventura County.
  • The Workforce Education Initiative promotes integrated economic and workforce development strategies that match employer needs with skilled workers. This group collaborates with other organizations to create and maintain a skilled and educated workforce, in order to keep our businesses successful, our economy strong and our residents gainfully employed so they can live productive and prosperous lives.
  • The Alliance for Linked Learning is an innovative collaboration between the Oxnard Union High School District, businesses in Oxnard, Port Hueneme and Camarillo, and local organizations and leaders determined to ensure that graduating seniors are prepared for college, career and life. This effort promotes diverse high school academies centered around career exploration to engage students and allow them to understand the modern economy so that they excel in their college pursuits or immediately in careers. The Civic Alliance is proud to serve as the business intermediary.
  • Civic Dialogue is a core mission of the Ventura County Civic Alliance and we continue to explore and promote forums and technologies to engage our community and foster dialogue between residents and community leaders. The State of the Region Report, and its fact-based research, is a tool to better inform all stakeholders.

Core Principles and Values
The Alliance holds a set of core beliefs that guides its mission: regional stewardship, open dialogue, collaboration, evenhandedness, unbiased research, and community building and decision making by consensus. We bring together residents and civic organizations to cooperatively explore options and find integrated solutions to the complex economic, environmental and social challenges of our region.

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