Congratulations on pursuing higher education!

Through the generosity of local donors, the Ventura County Community Foundation is able to partner with you to help you reach your career and educational goals.  The application process for scholarships is highly competitive and there are many scholarship categories to choose from.  Each year we have several thousand applicants and it is very important your application is completed in full to be considered eligible.   

The scholarship submission period for 2020 has passed. Thank you!




  • scholarships1-bwEvery applicant must submit at least 2 letters of recommendation, with at least one coming from a current faculty member (that means, a teacher at the school you are currently attending).
  • Our advice is to talk with those being asked for a reference beforehand and to send them a letter explaining why you are applying for a scholarship and what you are hoping to accomplish in your future.
  • Be sure to send a thank you note after they accept!
  • copy-of-yasmin-sallak-graduates-from-ucsb-2015TIP #1 Apply only if you are eligible.
    Read the scholarship requirements and directions carefully, and make sure that you are eligible before you apply. Your application won’t be considered if you are not qualified to apply.
  • TIP #2 Complete the application in full.
    Be sure to complete the entire application. If a question does not apply, note that on the application (“n/a” for not applicable).  Don’t just leave a blank.  Include all required documents.
  • TIP #3 Follow the directions.
    Provide everything that is required, but do not supply things that are not requested – your application will be disqualified.  If a special letter or form is required, make sure that you include it.
  • TIP #4 Make sure your essay makes an impression.
    The key to writing a strong essay is to be personal and specific. Include concrete details to make your experience come alive: the ‘who,’ ‘what,’ ‘where,’ and ‘when’ of your topic. The simplest experience can be monumental if you present honestly how you were affected.  There is a specific prompt or topic for each scholarship. Be sure that you respond to that prompt. Be sure to check your spelling. Think of your essay as a narrative picture of you for our selection committee.
  • TIP #5 Give it a final ‘once-over.’
    Proofread the entire application carefully. Be on the lookout for misspelled words or grammatical errors. Ask a friend, teacher or parent to proofread your essays.
  • TIP #6 Ask for help if you need it.
    If you have a problem with the application, visit your school’s Scholarship Coordinator.  If you have specific questions about the application, contact Ventura County Community Foundation.
  • TIP #7 Remember:  your scholarship application represents you!
    Your ability to submit a neat, timely, complete application reflects on you.  It’s your face to this organization. Take pride in yourself by submitting the best application you can.

It has come to VCCF’s attention that some people are charging up to $1,000 to assist students with the application process. There is NEVER a fee to apply for one of our scholarships and we have generous people who will help students for free if needed.  To submit a request for assistance click here.

  • Application opens around Thanksgiving each year.
  • Applications MUST BE SUBMITTED by the posted deadline (NO EXCEPTIONS).
  • Early applications are welcome!
  • Students are notified by letter around mid-May of the results of their application (award or denial). If you have not received a notice, please do not call until after May 30th.
  • Scholarship recipients (awardees) are encouraged to attend a Scholarship Reception & Donor Appreciation Event. More information will follow with your award letter on this important and celebratory event.
  • Your scholarship will be mailed to your school’s financial aid office following our receiving of your acceptable proof of enrollment. More information will be included with your award letter.
    Make sure to send a thank you note to your donor(s)!

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