Brand Guidelines & Toolkit

About Ventura County Community Foundation

Established in 1987, the Ventura County Community Foundation has focused on building philanthropy in our region by stewarding legacies through careful management of the charitable capital entrusted to us. We are committed to a long-term perspective for Ventura County. We honor donor intent by protecting endowments forever and we specialize in connecting philanthropic resources with community needs for the benefit of all. We invest in the future through scholarships, grant making, and collaborative partnerships.

Media Inquiries

If you are a member of the media who wants to know more about our work, please contact Lauren Graf, Marketing & Communications Officer, at

Using Our Logos & Marks

Our partners are invited to use the Ventura County Community Foundation logo within the following guidelines.

Download one of our logo files below. You may also download our full Brand Guidelines (PDF) here

The Ventura County Community Foundation horizontal logo should be used across communications associated with the campaign whenever possible.

The black version of the logo is to be used sparingly for mostly means of printing or black and white or grayscale designs.

The white logo is the preferred variation of the primary logo. Place over imagery or darker color blocks/backgrounds. Be sure there is adequate contrast between the logo and the background to ensure legibility. The wordmark may be an option if legibility is a challenge.

In some cases, the primary logo is not compatible.
This secondary logo, to be used when the primary logo is unusable, adds flexibility in logo usage.

Ventura County Community Foundation’s secondary logo is a full-color vertical logo. Use this variation when a more vertical application is needed, such as on a square or circle canvas.

The brandmark acts as a watermark to add vibrancy and versatility to the brand. It can be used over images as an identified (when applicable) to create brand awareness. It is available in full color as well as black and white.

The brandmark is not to replace the primary logo but to use in congruence with the logo, while broadening our expression. The brandmark should not be used in any other colors.

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