COVID-19 Community Match

Act Now: Matching Dollars Available for COVID-19 Relief Funds

Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Ventura County Community Foundation donors have granted out an incredible $14 million to support local small businesses, individuals and families in need, our essential workers, and our indispensable nonprofits on the front lines. But, as the current health and economic challenges continue, so do community needs. 

“Over the coming weeks, we have an opportunity to raise vital funds for our community members still facing urgent need.  Ventura County is a place of deep compassion with a desire to help our neighbors. Time and again, we have come together in incredible ways, and I know we can continue our efforts together.”

Vanessa Bechtel, CEO & President of Ventura County Community Foundation

Ventura County Rapid Response Fund

The Ventura County Community Foundation, in coordination with the County of Ventura, Amgen Foundation, Southeast Ventura County YMCA, Give An Hour, and the Economic Development Collaborative, has launched the Ventura County Rapid Response Fund to support nonprofit organizations addressing the needs of individuals and families with food and housing support, childcare, wage replacement, mental health care, and more.

To meet the demand for support, Amgen Foundation has announced it will contribute another $300,000 in matching funds to VCCF’s Rapid Response Fund. Over the next 6-8 weeks, our goal is to raise a total of $600,000 with the help of these matching dollars. We are so profoundly grateful to the Amgen Foundation for their partnership over the last year and their continued generosity in supporting COVID-19 relief efforts!

Habitat For Humanity’s Story:  Since its founding in 1983, Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County (HFHVC) has helped 72 hardworking, low-income families become first-time homeowners. When COVID-19 hit our community last year, HFHVC conducted a COVID-19 needs assessment survey with all of HFHVC’s homeowners across the county and found that many had lost their jobs or hours and some were worried that they wouldn’t be able to make their monthly mortgage payments. To date, HFHVC has been able to provide direct mortgage assistance to nine of its homeowners, with support from the Rapid Response Fund. That’s nine families who were able to stay current on their mortgages, remain in the homes they worked so hard to build and purchase, and weather the financial challenges that happened as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Farmworker Household Assistance Program

The Farmworker Household Assistance Program (FHAP) was created to support Ventura County farmworkers who have been economically impacted by COVID-19. FHAP is is unique collaboration between agricultural employers and farmworker advocates working in partnership with the Ventura County Community Foundation, House Farm Workers!, the Farmworker Resource Program, and the County of Ventura.

Teresa’s Story: Receiving assistance from the Farmworkers assistance program was a blessing. At my husband’s worksite, many people tested positive for Covid-19, so the company decided to postpone work for weeks. If had not received this help I would have lost my home, even though I borrow from friends and family I would not have enough to cover all my needs. There are a lot of community members in need, with this cold weather, the season has not been great. Most of my family and friend are working 4-5 hours a day, at the most, we are getting a weekly check of $200 to $300 a week. We are been extremely affected by this pandemic, every day we are fighting for our survival.


805 UndocuFund

The 805 UndocuFund is a joint effort of immigrant-serving organizations in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties to provide disaster relief to local immigrant families. Direct financial assistance is to help with basic needs, covering the cost of childcare related to school closures, and rental assistance. 

The 805 UndocuFund is overseen by immigrant rights groups including CAUSE, MICOP, and FLA, with funds managed bythe Ventura County Community Foundation.

Maria’s Story: I am a single mother, and when I came to the US, I had to leave behind my 6-year-old daughter for two years. She is now attending city college. No one saw this pandemic coming or was prepared for it.  I was out of work for 4 months and bills were piling up. I’m really grateful for this country, for the Americans that help us out, that see the necessity and reach out. I’m grateful for organizations like 805 UndocuFund helping a community that really needs it. God willing we will pass through this. We are here working for a better future for our children. We are equal. We are all worth the same. Thank you again for the big help 805, it is a blessing that you are giving us.

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