We have continued our tradition throughout the Covid-19 pandemic of celebrating our 2022 VCCF scholarship recipients through our #BecauseYouGave campaign video, to thank our donors for their generosity and highlight the hard work and dreams of our students. We hope that soon, we will be able to resume our annual VCCF scholarship reception, but until then, we invite you to watch the video below and be inspired by the power of giving and the perseverance of the incredible students in our community.

Our students shared their uplifting stories and photos of how VCCF scholarships are impacting their families, their education, and their future. Please click below to see the moving stories of our 2022 VCCF scholarship recipients.


We would like to once again thank you for your enduring support and dedication to our Ventura County students. Through your continued commitment, the scholarships made possible through your funds have created a life-changing impact on our students, as well as the brighter future of our community.

Hear directly from some of the students whose lives have been lifted up thanks to your generosity by watching the video above. From all the recipients, and all of us at the Ventura County Community Foundation, we would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks for helping to make their educational dreams a reality. Your giving is changing the lives of so many students!


We are so incredibly proud of you and all your hard work. Your resiliency inspires us all! Even through a continuing global pandemic and other challenges you have faced, you have committed yourself to your education and have made a positive impact on your community through it all. VCCF is grateful to support you in your journey, thanks to the generous contributions of our VCCF scholarship donors.

Once again, we are so truly proud of everything you’ve accomplished, and we are excited to see what you will do next! 


We would like to extend a deep thank you to the selection committee for the extensive hours you have dedicated to reviewing this year’s VCCF scholarships. We received 4,000 scholarship applications in 2022, and we wouldn’t have been able to review them all without your help! Thank you for your continuing support of the VCCF scholarship program and our Ventura County students.

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