Transfer of Wealth in Ventura County




Background on Wealth in Ventura County

Charitable and philanthropic giving has a special place in the social and economic life of the United States and in all its geographic locations in every state. Accumulation of wealth has far-reaching macroeconomic impacts that affect not only the holders of wealth but also everyone else in a particular economy. This stems from the fact that most often, capital accumulation involves both a net addition and a redistribution of wealth.

VCCF recognizes the need to better understand the changing behaviors and patterns of charitable giving and the transfer of wealth throughout the nation as well as in our own Ventura County. We are excited to share the recent report created by Jamshid Damooei, PhD of California Lutheran University entitled, “Transfer of Wealth in Ventura County: Using the Existing and the Emerging Philanthropic Giving to Strengthen the Quality of Life in Ventura County for the Next Fifty Years.

Planned Giving Program

VCCF is partnering with the Center for Nonprofit Leadership and Sue Nunn of Endowment Horizons, Inc. to convene an online planned giving program designed to guide and support nonprofit organizations as they revive, enhance, or begin building strong planned giving programs that will ultimately provide stable, current and long-term support for their critical work in the community. This unique program will begin in October 2022 and will support VCCF’s Transfer of Wealth Initiative by better preparing nonprofit participants to engage in planned giving activities.

Participants were selected from a pool of applicants that applied through VCCF. Applications are no longer open. To learn more about this program, you can watch the informational session here or email us at for more information.

Endowment Horizons – Planned Giving Flyer

Watch the Recordings

Part I – March 3, 2022 (Clips I-III)

Part II – July 21, 2022

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