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Rapid Response Fund

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Act Now — Donations are currently matched thanks to the generosity of Amgen Foundation!

The COVID-19 crisis is not over! As the current health and economic challenges continue, so do community needs. To meet the demand for support, Amgen Foundation has announced it will contribute another $300,000 in matching funds to VCCF’s Rapid Response Fund.

Over the next 6-8 weeks, our goal is to raise a total of $600,000 with the help of these matching dollars. We are so profoundly grateful to the Amgen Foundation for their partnership over the last year and their continued generosity in supporting COVID-19 relief efforts.

VCCF will not take any administrative fees from this fund, 100% of donations will be awarded based on the criteria of the fund.

Your contributions are greatly needed during this time. Click below to donate to the Rapid Response Fund – COVID-19

About the Rapid Response Fund

The Ventura County Community Foundation, in coordination with the County of Ventura, Amgen Foundation, Southeast Ventura County YMCA, Give An Hour, and the Economic Development Collaborative, has launched the Ventura County Rapid Response Fund to support nonprofit organizations addressing the needs of individuals and families with food and housing support, childcare, wage replacement, mental health care, and more.

The purpose of the Ventura County Rapid Response Fund is to support those organizations providing basic human needs to individuals, families, and small businesses in Ventura County.

Organizations providing basic human needs to individuals, families, and small business owners throughout Ventura County are invited to apply for funding to support their unrestricted operating expenses ensuring that these nonprofits may continue to fulfill their missions and serve Ventura County. Funding will also be available to these organizations to provide cash assistance to those they serve, which can allow families to stay in their homes or address other essential needs.

Impact Stories

Since its founding in 1983, Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County (HFHVC) has helped 72 hardworking, low-income families become first-time homeowners. When COVID-19 hit our community last year, HFHVC conducted a COVID-19 needs assessment survey with all of HFHVC’s homeowners across the county and found that many had lost their jobs or hours and some were worried that they wouldn’t be able to make their monthly mortgage payments. To date, HFHVC has been able to provide direct mortgage assistance to nine of its homeowners, with support from the Rapid Response Fund. That’s nine families who were able to stay current on their mortgages, remain in the homes they worked so hard to build and purchase, and weather the financial challenges that happened as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safe Passage was in a position to respond immediately to vulnerable micro-communities who were more at risk to the pandemic because of their limited access to services. We had the staff, the volunteers, and the ability, but lacked  financial support. Because of the Rapid Response Fund we were able to:

  • Provide emergency food relief to families who were stricken with COVID-19 and/or suddenly left unemployed
  • Deliver over 140,000 meals to children
  • Disperse over 60,000 diapers to families
  • Deliver over 100,000 pounds of groceries to keep families healthy
  • Issue more than 300 emergency utility grants for persons of color who have children in their household and were unable to pay their utilities
  • Ensure weekly COVID testing in micro-communities of color

The Rapid Relief Fund, in a true sense, is the engine for nonprofits to be able to respond more quickly in emergency situations.

News & Updates

  • New Event! Creating Lasting Impact in Our Shared World: An Impact Report Speaker Series 
As we approach the one-year mark of social distancing and unprecedented giving, we are pleased to invite you to a special virtual celebration of key accomplishments open to all: Creating Lasting Impact In Our Shared World: An Impact Report Speaker Series.
Each impact report event will provide an update on a specific initiative, personal stories from our community, and will include special presentations by key community leaders. Plus, you’ll learn about an incredible upcoming matching campaign opportunity, provided by our friends at the Amgen Foundation!
Watch the recording of the Impact Report Speaker Series about the Rapid Response Fund.

Grants Awarded to Date

The Ventura County Community Foundation has granted more than $1,476,175 since the start of the response to COVID-19, including: 

  • Boys & Girls Club of Greater Conejo Valley — $25,000
  • Boys & Girls Club of Greater Oxnard & Port Hueneme — $10,000
  • Boys & Girls Club of Moorpark & Simi Valley — $10,000
  • CAREGIVERS — $18,750
  • Casa Pacifica — $30,000
  • Catholic Charities — $25,000
  • Economic Development Collaborative — $50,000
  • FOOD Share — $100,000
  • Future Leaders of America — $27,002
  • Give An Hour — $25,000
  • Habitat for Humanity — $3,800
  • Harbor House — $5,000
  • LightGabler — $300
  • Lockwood Animal Rescue Center — $5,000
  • Lutheran Social Services of Southern California — $10,000
  • Mercy House Living Centers — $25,000
  • Mixteco/Indigena Community Organizing Project — $40,000
  • Nyland Promise — $5,000
  • Safe Passage Youth — $11,775
  • Secure Beginnings — $10,000
  • Senior Concerns — $25,000
  • The Kingdom Center (Gabriel’s House) — $2,500
  • Turning Point Foundation — $15,000
  • Ventura County Family Justice Center Foundation — $25,000
  • Villa Esperanza — $10,000
  • Westminster Free Clinic — $75,00
  • Women of Substance Men of Honor — $5,000
  • Women’s Economic Ventures — $75,000

In May 2020:

  • Adelante Comunidad Conejo — $5,000
  • Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation — $5,000
  • California Lutheran University —$5,300
  • Channel Islands YMCA: Ventura Family Branch — $10,000
  • Conejo Valley Senior Concerns — $28,000
  • Economic Development Collaborative of Ventura County — $95,000
  • FOOD Share — $210,000
  • Future Leaders of America —$265,000
  • Give An Hour — $25,000
  • Gold Coast Veterans Foundation — $21,000.
  • Help of Ojai — $15,000
  • Humane Society of the United States — $5,000
  • Interface Children and Family Services — $20,000
  • Manna Conejo Valley Food Distribution Center — $11,000
  • Mixteco/Indigena Community Organizing Project (MICOP) — $40,000
  • Nyland Promise — $5,000
  • Project Understanding — $28,000
  • Rescue Mission Alliance — $5,000
  • Safe Passage Youth Foundation — $10,050
  • Santa Barbara Foundation — $37,500
  • Spirit of Santa Paula — $28,000
  • Women’s Economic Venutres — $125,000
  • Southeast Ventura County YMCA — $145,000
  • Personal Protective Equipment for Hospitals — $734,954

In August 2020:

  • Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation — $20,000 — For financial support for individuals and families; school supplies and snacks for children; cleaning and sanitation products.
  • Conejo Community Outreach — $5,000 — To provide diapers for the families they support.
  • Conejo Free Clinic — $10,000 — To provide medical tests, screenings, dental supplies, and personal protective equipment.
  • Community Solutions, Inc. — $2,000 — To provide PPE, food, prepaid phone cards and program materials.
  • FOOD Share — $19,000— To provide food and distribution supplies.
  • Future Leaders of America — $15,000 — To cover staffing expenses as they oversee the 805 UndocuFund.
  • Gold Coast Veterans Foundation — $15,008 — To cover staffing expenses as they provide outreach to veterans in Ventura County.
  • Habitat for Humanity — $8,750 — To cover mortgage payments for Habitat homeowners.
  • Harbor House — $10,000 — To provide food and rental assistance for their clients and cover motel expenses to house families.
  • Mercy House Living Centers — $5,000 — To cover expenses associated with staffing, supplies and client transportation for the homeless population they serve.
  • Project Understanding of San Buenaventura — $15,000 — To cover expenses for staffing and provide food and assistance for rent and utility bills for their clients.
  • Senior Concerns — $10,000 — To cover expenses for staffing and provide food, delivery of food and pharmacy orders, and telephonic and online support for the seniors they serve.
  • Ventura County Rescue Mission — $5,000— To provide food for the population they serve.

In November 2020:

  • Conejo Free Clinic — $2,000
  • Conejo Valley Senior Concerns — $10,000
  • FoodShare — $10,000
  • Safe Passage Youth — $10,000

In January 2021:

Habitat for Humanity — $1,800 — To cover mortgage payments for Habitat homeowners.

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