2022 CERF Economic Forecast — Guest Commentator VCCF’s Vanessa Bechtel

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Vanessa Bechtel, VCCF President & CEO, was a guest commentator at the CLU Center for Economic Research & Forecasting’s 2022 Ventura County Economic Forecast on Monday, March 8 at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Center Scherr Forum. The event included an in-depth analysis of the county’s economic performance and an assessment of its economic and demographic future. The state and local forecast was led by Matthew Fineup, executive director of CERF, with several guest commentator videos throughout his presentation.

Vanessa spoke in her video about the 2020 Ventura County Complete Counts Census initiative and the success of the campaign, reaching the 95th percentile in the nation for an accurate census count when the county was once considered at-risk for undercounting in the 2020 census. In her recorded interview, Vanessa said on the county’s census efforts, “Going from the bottom 2% to the top 95th percentile, I think, reflects the strength of our region. Because it wasn’t money that did that. It was people proactively owning the situation and doing all they could to make a difference. And we did that. It was amazing.”

If you would like to view the 2022 webcast recording or read additional publications, click here to see the CLU CERF website.

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