50 Actions for Global Social/Ecological Justice Service Year: Social Impact Day

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Social Impact Day on Jan. 13, 2023, was a one-day, hands-on collaboration of eight Fielding Organizational Development and Leadership program students, alums, and faculty members. The group worked with Ventura County Community Foundation (VCCF), a local nonprofit organization, on a strategic project.  

This Fielding group of emerging and seasoned OD professionals learned to apply their knowledge to new situations, projects, and contexts. They helped the VCCF with a direct scholarship program that contributes directly to students for higher education and career training. VCCF’s goals include increasing outreach to students and reducing administrative program costs. 

Additionally, the OD Fielding volunteers partnered with the VCCF to: 

  • Assess opportunities within the non-profit organization. 
  • Discuss potential OD solutions or strategies. 
  • Prepare recommendations to help the nonprofit achieve its outcomes, including the next steps. 
  • Share the recommendations with others at Fielding’s Global Winter Session 2023 and in other capacities. 

This project helped VCCF continue to redesign operations and increase the use of tools, including a database to streamline “heavy admin lift.” After the Session, VCCF’s Executive Director Vanessa Bechtel reported that Scholarship Director Kristi Thompson and Scholarship Coordinator Emily Marostica had a fruitful experience with the OD volunteer group and were busy implementing the recommendations. 

Learn more about the Ventura County Community Foundation here. 

How to Get Involved During the 50 Actions for Social/Ecological Justice Service Year 

Whenever you volunteer in your community this year, send us a paragraph at media@fielding.edu about your experience. Please include photos. Stories will be posted on our website, social media, and other communications channels. 

Examples of Service 

  • Activities such as cleanup days, neighborhood bird counts (such as Project Feeder Watch), invasive plant removal, and creating a natural lawn. 
  • Volunteering for any nonprofit organization. Examples could include homeless shelters, animal shelters, food banks, literacy volunteers, organizations that focus on specific illnesses, local environmental groups, and so on.


This article was originally published by Fielding News.

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