Pacific Coast Business Times Releases “Emergency Preparedness,” Presented by VCCF

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The cover of the "Emergency Preparedness" guideThe Pacific Coast Business Times recently released “Emergency Preparedness: A guide for Central Coast small businesses & nonprofits,” which is available to read here.


This guide is designed to help small businesses and nonprofit organizations prepare for natural disasters and be aware of what is likely to happen as an emergency unfolds and to understand the stages that will eventually lead to recovery for all.

This report was laid out and designed by Graphic Artist Courtney Abercrombie with additional help from Co-Managing Editor Jorge Mercado, who sought out information from various state and federal sources.

This report was also aided by emergency preparedness expert David Fukutomi and substantial grant support from the Ventura County Community Foundation.

Additional sponsors include VCCF, EDC, Assured Partners and advertising partner The Port of Hueneme. It is compiled from a a variety of sources, public documents and websites and published material.

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