Plea For Help For Victims Of Pre-Christmas Thunderstorm In Ventura County

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Ventura County Community Foundation is making an urgent appeal for help on behalf of the residents of Port Hueneme, Oxnard, and Ventura who suffered significant property damage and loss, plus displacement, because of the catastrophic flooding caused by the pre-Christmas thunderstorms.

The foundation says there are many families and individuals who are in desperate need of support to rebuild their lives and homes.

While the SBA is offering low interest loans for those who qualify, many people do not for a variety of reasons and many who do qualify do not have the income to pay back the loan.

Meanwhile, they say FEMA will not help because of what officials say is an archaic rule that requires at least 1200 destroyed structures before they will consider the kind of immediate and comprehensive aid that is needed.

The thunderstorms that struck before Christmas dropped more than three inches of rain in just 45 minutes causing flash flooding that inundated more than 400 homes and damaged or destroyed nearly 650 vehicles.

The foundation says many of those who suffered losses and displacement were low income residents and seniors on fixed incomes.

The following is from the Ventura County Community Foundation….

To contribute, please visit the VCCF website or contact us directly at (805) 330-6976.

Here’s how your generous contribution can make a real difference:

1. Emergency Relief: Your donation will provide immediate assistance, including food, clothing. and temporary shelter, for those who have lost everything in the floods. Your support will help these families regain their footing during these trying times.

2. Home Restoration: We aim to help these residents rebuild their homes and lives. Your funding will go towards remediating mold and restoring damaged homes, ensuring that these families have a safe and stable place to live once again.

3. Community Support: Seniors living in these communities have faced unparalleled challenges. Your assistance will help establish support networks for them, including access to healthcare, transportation and counseling services to address the emotional trauma they’ve endured.

4. Long-Term Resilience: Your contribution will also support initiatives aimed at enhancing the resilience of these communities against future disasters. We will work together to implement measures that reduce the risk of such devastation happening again.

Your support can truly make a significant impact on the lives of those who have been most severely affected. No donation is too small, and every dollar brings us one step closer to rebuilding our community.


This article was originally published by KVTA.

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