VCCF Awarded $1 million in Support of Environmental Workforce Collaborative

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The Ventura County Community Foundation was awarded $1,000,000 in support of the Environmental Workforce Collaborative in partnership with CREW, Safe Passage Youth Foundation, Santa Monica Mountains Fund, Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council, and Los Padres ForestWatch!

The Environmental Workforce Collaborative is committed to a multi-pronged strategy yielding direct interventions to mitigate and adapt to the risks we face while building toward a more sustainable, thriving region. Our communities and the ecosystems they inhabit are in increasing danger of fires, flooding, and high heat risks. The Collaborative is intended to exponentially improve their efforts to achieve high impact, “boots on the ground” action. Each partner provides a unique skill set to the collaborative strategy that will directly intervene in the regions that have experienced the most damage from recent devastating wildfire events and rapidly increasing temperatures. Partners leverage a mixture of habitat and riparian restoration, conservation employment and training, home and environment hardening, and multi-cultural education.

This Collaborative was made possible by funding from Edison International.

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