Ventura County Community Foundation Releases Long Term Caregiving Report

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Long Term Caregiving report cover pageVENTURA, CA – With demographics shifting to an older population, the demand on health care services in Ventura County is projected to intensify in the near future. In response to this, Ventura County Community Foundation has recently released the Long-Term Care report entitled The Future of Caregiving for an Aging Population: Increasing Community and Economic Vitality in Ventura County, detailing the challenges and possible solutions to Ventura County’s growing demand for caregiver services. 

Prepared by Dr. Jamshid Damooei, Professor & Chair for the Economics, Finance & Accounting Program, and Co-Director for the Center for Leadership & Values at California Lutheran University, this report provides extensive information taken from national and regional surveys about the needs of caregivers and how they can be assisted effectively.

In the years ahead, Ventura County will experience a reduction in the number of children between the ages of 0-15 (-12.7%) while the working population will only increase by 1.7% from 2020 to 2060. On the other hand, the population of people age 65 and older will increase by 85.3% during the same time. Meanwhile, the population of people age 85 years and older will experience the highest population growth rate of 294.2%. It is estimated that by 2050, every other adult between the age of 45 and 64 in Ventura County will be a caregiver – a dramatic increase from today. Ensuring that our community is ready for such a tremendous increase in the number of people with various caregiving needs is one of the primary goals of this study.

“Our county and its communities must prepare for the challenge of caregiving by finding new ways to work together and support those who are providing care,” said Phylene Wiggins, Vice President of Community Investments and Partnerships at VCCF.

In addition to spending time and money, caregiving has many dimensions that impact the lives of caregivers. Caregiving impacts emotions, employment, health, peace of mind, and level of happiness and contentment in life. In its pertinent sections, The Long-Term Care report provides a detailed account of such incidences, as well as possible solutions, including: 

  • The Challenge of Providing Sustainable Long-Term Care
  •  Prevailing Conditions and Demographic Characteristics of Caregivers and Those In Need of Long-Term Care
  • Economic and Social Costs of Caregiving
  • Long-term Care in Ventura County and Its Neighboring Region
  • Key Takeaways & Next Steps Forward 

Ventura County is a community with considerable social and economic diversity which impacts the ability of the county to support the lives of its population throughout their various stages from childhood, to adulthood, and old age. This report attempts to prepare the greater community, as well as caregivers, for the development of a reliable system that can provide long-term cost savings for Ventura County and its neighboring regions.

For additional questions about the Long-Term Care Report, contact Phylene Wiggins, Vice President of Community Investments and Partnerships at Ventura County Community Foundation, at


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