Welcome Claudia!

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We here at the Ventura County Community Foundation are so excited to welcome Claudia Raiti, our new staff accountant!

Claudia was born and raised in Germany. She fell in love with a US Army officer in 2002, got married, and moved where the Army stationed her husband whenever she could. Since she left Germany in 2006, she moved to Texas, England, Virginia, and now California. That makes 3 trans-Atlantic and 1 cross-country move.

Claudia also likes to be active and is quick to try new sports depending on where she lives. So of course, she recently added surfing to her list of sports. She also enjoys roller derby and has been playing for 1 ½ years. She loves how derby provides a balance of exercise, excitement, and a feeling of community among the league. She started training in Virginia and is now plays for the Ventura County Derby Darlins in Camarillo.

Claudia has a German CPA license and has worked in CPA offices in Germany and Texas. She enjoyed CPA work, but once Claudia found her first employment with a non-profit organization in England in 2012, she never looked back. She has been working in non-profits ever since. Claudia said that it is very rewarding to help support a team that is truly trying to make a difference in people’s lives and to witness the positive impact.

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