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The 2015 VCCF Scholarship Program application process is now online!
Please click on this link to create your online account and begin the application process:


The 2015 VCCF Scholarship Program is an all-online process.  After creating your account, you will complete a questionnaire to help narrow the choices of which scholarships you best match. 

There are 7 tabs in the Scholarship Application Wizard. You will start with the Personal Information tab then go on to the Opening Questionnaire, the Academic Information tab, Free Form Essay Questions, Attach Documents, Letters of Recommendation, and Recommended Scholarships.

Every applicant must include 2 letters of recommendation with their application. At least one of the letters must be from a current teaching faculty person at the school you are currently attending. There are 2 ways to submit the letters of recommendation: 

  • You can use the email tool on the Letters of Recommendation tab to email your teachers requesting they send letters of recommendation on your behalf.  The email that is generated is generic and will include a link for your teacher to use as well as a password for them.  By clicking the link the teacher will be directed to a word processing program and he/she can either type in the recommendation letter or copy it from another word processing program and paste it into the word processing window.  To do this, you will need to have your teacher’s email address.  Be sure to ask them to include their affiliation on the letter (for example, Mr. Bill Smith, Geography Instructor at Name of School).
  • Your other option is to request regular paper letters of recommendation from your instructors.  Ask that the letters be typed on school letterhead, signed, and dated.  You will scan the letters into PDF format and upload them to your application through the Attach Documents Tab.

Every applicant must include an official transcript from the school they are currently attending.  Get this from your school’s Registrar’s Office.  You will need to convert it to PDF format and upload it on the Attach Documents Tab. If your fall grades are not posted by the application deadline (January 12, 2015) you still must upload your official transcript before the deadline so your packet is complete.  Request that your school’s Registrar’s Office send a copy of your official transcript to once your fall grades are posted.

Every applicant must include an essay with their application.  In the Free Form Essay Questions Tab, you will find some prompts that are required and others that are optional.  In addition to these, once you get to the Recommended Scholarships Tab you will find out if an essay addressing a specific topic is required.  The grand total of your Free Form Essay responses and required scholarship essay (if required) must be 500 – 700 words.  This means you will have two different tabs to put in your essays:  on the Free Form Essay Questions Tab you will have short narratives and on the specific scholarship listed on the Recommended Scholarships Tab you will have your essay addressing the required topic.

Every applicant must include the scholarship activities form.  There is a link for this document on the Attach Documents Tab.  Click the link and download the form, complete it, print and sign it, save it as a PDF, and upload it to your application form.

If you are applying for a scholarship that requires demonstration of financial need, you must include a completed and signed financial aid assistance questionnaire.  The link to download the financial aid assistance questionnaire is on the Attach Documents Tab.  Clink the link and download the form, complete it, print and sign it, save it as a PDF, and upload it to your application form.

The Recommended Scholarships Tab will show you a list of scholarships with an action button next to each scholarship.  You can click to View, Save, and when read, to Apply.  When you click “View” next to the name of a Recommended Scholarship, you will see a description of the eligibility criteria for the scholarship along with the number and dollar amount of the awards (this information is also in the 2015 Scholarship Guidelines).  You will then see a list of Scholarship Eligibility Requirements with the instructions to check all that apply.  There is a check box next to each numbered criteria.  Go through each and check all that apply.  If you can check all the required items then you should apply for the scholarship.  You may select up to 5 different scholarships to apply for.

Helpful Tips:

  • Download the 2015 Scholarship Guidelines to review the different opportunities and the specific eligibility criteria for each scholarship. 
  • Respect the people you are requesting letters of recommendation from and give them plenty of time to complete the letters.  If a scholarship requires the recommender include a specific observation, be sure you tell the recommended what is needed.  Every student has to submit 2 letters of recommendation with at least 1 from a current faculty member who is teaching at the school you are currently attending.  No letters from family members or relatives of the applicant will be accepted.
  • Proofread your narrative to be sure that your spelling and punctuation are correct.
  • Select a maximum of 5 scholarships to apply to from the Recommended Scholarships Tab.  Make your selections based on which ones you best fit.  You can determine this by reviewing the Scholarship Guidelines and by checking the boxes next to the numbered list of Scholarship Eligibility Requirements in the Recommended Scholarships Tab.  In parentheses you will see which elements are required and which are a preference.  A preference is not required to apply.  A required element is required!

The deadline for applications is January 12, 2015.

Here are the 2015 VCCF Scholarship Guidelines, listing the opportunities being offered this year along with the eligibility criteria >

HERE ARE TWO OF THE STUDENT FORMS FOR ONLINE APPLICATIONS: You can download, complete and upload these two forms to your VCCF STARS Online application. There is also a link to these documents in the Scholarship Application Wizard online in the Attach Documents tab.

Watch the tutorial video about completing a STARS Online scholarship application by clicking on this link:

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The Community Foundation’s Scholarship Program opens doors of educational opportunity for students of all ages. By educating individuals, the entire community is strengthened. The Community Foundation links donors with financial resources to students with potential for future achievement. A scholarship is more than a financial award- it is the key that unlocks the future for our youth by building their confidence. Many recipients write that they deeply appreciate the faith this shows in their abilities.


Scholarship Advisory Committee

  • Mary L. Schwabauer, Chair
  • Linda Garcia
  • Ted Jensen
  • Stan Mantooth
  • Kerry Roscoe
  • Berta D. Steele
  • Eleanor Tillquist

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