Farmworker Household Assistance Program (FHAP)


The Farmworker Household Assistance Program (FHAP) was created to support Ventura County farmworkers who have been economically impacted by COVID-19.


FHAP is a collaboration between agricultural employers and farmworker advocates working in partnership with the Ventura County Community Foundation, House Farm Workers!, the Farmworker Resource Program, and the County of Ventura.  Every penny of your donation will go directly to farmworker families who are struggling to pay rent and other essential bills. To contribute to the Farmworker Household Assistance Program, donate here.

A Letter From Supporters of Farmworkers and the Farmworker Household Assistance Program (FHAP)

Dear Community Member,

Many farmworkers in our community are experiencing devastating economic impacts due to Covid-19. Although farmworkers are designated “essential workers”, many have lost their jobs, experienced reduced work hours, or have needed to stay home to care for children or sick family members. These men and women who tend the crops and make possible the green vistas and fresh food that we all enjoy are now struggling to meet basic needs.

We are a group of agricultural employers and farmworker advocates addressing the urgent need to keep farmworkers from becoming homeless by creating this Farmworker Household Assistance Program (FHAP), to be supported by private donations.

Our partners in this emergency program are House Farm Workers! (HFW) the fund sponsors, Ventura County Community Foundation (VCCF) which is hosting the FHAP Fund, and the County of Ventura which is not only providing matching dollars but administering the program through its Farm Worker Resource Program (FRP) housed in the Human Services Agency. Neither VCCF nor the County are charging administrative fees, so every dollar donated will go directly to households in need via grants of $1200 or more.

In the month of September, 101 donors large and small gave $145,000 which, when matched, will help 242 farm worker families. When we set the original goal to raise $250,000 which the Board of Supervisors agreed to match, we had no idea that so many families were struggling. The Farm Worker Resource Program has received 4000 applications for assistance. Our new fundraising goal, in response to this overwhelming need, is $400.000 – ambitious but doable with your support.

We can’t do it without you! Please give generously and soon.

With gratitude,
Supporters of Farmworkers and the FHAP

Genevieve Flores-HaroMixteco/Indigena Community Organizing Project
Ellen Brokaw, Brokaw Ranch Company, House Farm Workers!
Linda Braunschweiger, Housing Trust Fund Ventura County, House Farm Workers!
A. Irene de Barracicua, Lideres Campesinas
Alondra SernaHouse Farm Workers!
Yissel Barajas, Reiter Affiliated Companies


Partnering with County of Ventura, Ventura County Community Foundation, House Farm Workers! and the Farmworker Resource Program.

Farmworker Household Assistance Program (FHAP) — Fact Sheet

Ventura County farmworkers who are in danger of losing their homes due to Covid-related financial hardship. 

Tax deductible donations will be securely deposited in a new FHAP fund at the Ventura County Community Foundation (VCCF). The Foundation will in turn grant the money to the Farmworker Resource Program (FRP) in the County of Ventura’s Human Services Agency. No fees will be charged by VCCF or the County.

The informal committee that created the program is now the FHAP Oversight/Advisory Committee. All donors and others who support farmworkers are invited to join. 

Applicants must be low-income agricultural workers and have lived in Ventura County for at least 30 days. Proof is required of Covid-related financial loss and of basic household expenses which the applicant is unable to pay.

The informal committee that created the program will now become the FHAP Oversight/Advisory Committee. All donors and others who support farmworkers are invited to join.

Please visit our Facebook page for more information.

To Donate Online

Click below to contribute to the Farmworker Household Assistance Program Fund.

To Donate by Mail

Please make checks out to Ventura County Community Foundation and write “FARMHAP Fund” in the memo line. 

Checks may be mailed to:
Ventura County Community Foundation
4001 Mission Oaks Blvd, Suite A, Camarillo, CA 93012

Your donation is tax deductible.  Ventura County Community Foundation’s tax identification number is 77-0165029.

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